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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Assessment Solutions Group (ASG) is to help states and local districts maximize value throughout the assessment design, development, procurement and implementation processes.

Operational Experts

Our team of operations experts have worked in the assessment industry for over 20 years. The team has worked at the VP level for one of the major assessment vendors and has extensive experience in publishing, product design, manufacturing, scoring, reporting, supplier management, cycle time reduction and logistics.

We also have a partnership with Southwest Research Institute to provide lean manufacturing/Six Sigma consulting for states and vendors.

About ASG

ASG is an assessment consulting organization with the mission of helping state education agencies (SEAs) and others to add value throughout the assessment design, development and procurement processes. ASG senior consultants have more than 100 years of experience in the assessment industry, having worked in SEAs, CCSSO, and assessment vendors. The organization’s senior consultants have written extensively on assessment design, assessment implementation, evaluated numerous assessment programs, written dozens of RFPs for all types of state and local assessments (summative, interim, formative, K-2, English language proficiency, and alternate assessment), served on state and consortium TACs, and conducted successful procurements in a number of states.

Additionally, the company has created an industry-unique Assessment Cost Model it uses to accurately determine the anticipated cost for any assessment. Over two person years (4000+ hours) have gone into the development of this model that contains several hundred variables and over 70 unique databases. It has been proven to be accurate to within 5% - 10% of bid vendor costs, thus permitting assessment designs to be accurately costed before they are bid. ASG has helped several states, the SBAC, PARCC, WIDA and NCSC assessment consortia, and others determine the appropriate costs for their proposed assessment systems. This has helped states to save over $100 Million on the costs of their statewide assessments since 2010, and assured that they hire the most cost-effective vendor for their work

Who We Are

Who We Are

Barry Topol, CPA

John Olson, PhD

Edward Roeber, PhD

Jeffrey Nellhaus, Ed. M.

Patrick Hennon